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18 Review of Vegas nightclub Tabu in the MGM Grand
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28 August 2011

MGM Grand is well known for its night club scene and is always improving the way it presents customers with new ideas to make their nights in Vegas ones that they will never forget. With the opening of the Tabu night club back in 2003, MGM also came up with another way of describing just what it was that they were offering their customers. The word that was on everybody’s lips was ‘ultralounge’. Not to be found in any dictionaries the public were intrigued to find out what MGM meant by this new and intriguing terminology.

Over the years the meaning of the word has been more than understood, it has also been appreciated by all those people who have partied the night away in Tabu. This hotspot night club is very intimate, not at all like the massive clubs close by at all.

It just about takes 400 people to fill Tabu up without it feeling cramped and overcrowded. State of the art technology has been introduced into every aspect of the club, including inclined table tops (?) a mega sound system with interaction videos dotted here and there are the club strategically placed for subtle effects that can barely be noticed by the crowd which is a really nice subtle touch.

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Review of Boogie Nights hotspot in Atlantic City
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26 August 2011

Boogie Nights is Atlantic City’s hotspot that everyone loves to go to especially when it comes to getting them back ‘into the groove’ of 70’s and 80’s dance music. The club has everyone boogying and getting down to serious dancing the moment they step through the door. The whole atmosphere of the club is to keep everyone on their toes.

Not knowing what to expect next is part of the thrill of Boogie Nights and they have some very entertaining ideas, including streakers who dart across the dance floor unexpectedly, just to keep their customers laughing and surprised at the antics that go on during the music filled nights. Expect to see big ‘afros’ and bell bottom trousers with platform shoes an absolute must have on your feet accessory.

This vibrant night club won the 2009 Atlantic City Nightlife Award for the ‘Best Retro Club’ and ‘Best Place to Bring a Date’ and it has not looked back since. Located at Resorts, the club offers one of the most entertaining nights out in Atlantic City that anyone would ever want to have during their trip to this amazing fun filled nightlife oriented city.

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