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Worlds Top Fashion Brands - Giorgio Armani
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27 November 2008

Worlds Top Fashion Brands - Giorgio ArmaniSome fashion brands are recognized worldwide due to their overwhelming appeal. Others are recognized due to their overwhelming price. Armani is a brand that that meets comfortably in the middle.

The man behind the universal fashion brand, Giorgio Armani, was born in Piacenza, Italy in 1934. Unlike many fashion designers who had lifelong aspirations of cementing their place in history, Armani was an aspiring photographer and had a brief stint in the medicinal field. He also joined the military, a far cry from the fashion designer he would later become.

After his time was served in the Armed Forces, Armani began his fashion career as a simple window dresser at a large Milanese department store, La Rinascente. A few years later and a whole lot wiser, Armani realized that he could incorporate his naturally-gifted sense of style and form his own fashion company - but this dream wouldn’t be realized right away.

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