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The bespoke tailoring centre of the world Savile Row
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25 November 2008

The bespoke tailoring centre of the world Savile RowSavile Row is a street in Mayfair, London that is basically synonymous with bespoke tailoring. The street, as well as surrounding areas, is riddled with tailor’s shops. Like Little Italy in New York City, Savile Row has become a safe haven for many people with the same interest: tailoring.

Tailors have been filling this area up since the early 19th century, and these artisans have worked extremely hard to build their well-established businesses. These businesses hold both quality and style as their highest standards. And after years of business, Savile Row is known as the place to receive a quality tailored garment.

Savile Row is located on the lands that were once known as the gardens of Burlington House. After London officials decided that it was a time for a change, way back in 1733, construction began on several row houses. Dorothy Savile, wife of the Earl of Burlington, christened the street, thus giving it the name.

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