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How to Beat a Poker bot at Online Poker
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26 November 2009

One of the hot topics at the moment in the online poker industry is to create a poker bot that can play online automatically with relatively little or no human interaction but can of course win as much money as possible. This has caused concern for both online poker websites and players as a computer programme could essentially outsmart live thinking online players very easily and take their hard-earned money. In the end, these poker bots could rob the online poker sites of quality players. Studies have shown that about 12% of online poker players were anxious about or just entirely stopped betting at their online casino because of this poker bot craze. Fundamentally this would stop players risking their money and furthermore completely stop gambling online.

The human online poker players are indeed up against it because the poker bot can easily work out the statistics and probabilities of a game, which is insanely risky for your bankroll. Conversely, there are certain methods and strategies on how you can beat a poker bot at online poker and therefore give you back the edge. If you understand how the computer generated codes of the online poker sites and poker bots actually work then you could use this against them. A poker bot is limited to making decisions based exclusively on known patterns of the game. So they bet based on the play of the game in terms of its statistical analysis of poker.

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