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Las Vegas Attractions - Southern Nevada Zoological-Botanical Park
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04 July 2010

Las Vegas Attractions - Southern Nevada Zoological-Botanical ParkEvery major tourist attraction city in America has some type of zoo or botanical garden facility. It’s a family-friendly and informative experience for people of all ages, and Las Vegas is no exception. Although Vegas’ zoo has a fancy name, the Southern Nevada Zoological-Botanical Park, it’s still a basic zoo and operates as a nonprofit organization.

With all the many casino resorts in Las Vegas, one might expect any zoo in the city to be a large, lavish piece of property with thousands of exotic animals from all over the globe. However, the Nevada Zoological-Botanical Park only covers a very small 3 acres and is a relatively small facility that mostly houses animals that can thrive in the dry climate.

From the outside, the zoo is very whimsical and even a bit outdated in terms of everything that surrounds it. The low faded walls are painted yellow and green, and the actual “Zoo” sign looks like something from a 1960s casino on The Strip. The inside of the facility is kept nicer, at least, and the animals are cared for by well-trained staff.

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