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Phil Ivey Grabs the Spotlight
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04 August 2014

Phil Ivey has grabbed the spotlight again recently, but not for his poker exploits.  This time he's back in the news for his ongoing baccarat saga with the Borgata Casino in New Jersey.

Back in April of this year, the Borgata Casino filed a $9.6M lawsuit against Ivey, claiming he had won that amount two years previously by cheating at their baccarat tables.  The Borgata alleged that Ivey had employed a technique called “edge sorting,” which takes advantage of flaws and variations in the printing on the backs of the cards in order to identify the value of those cards.

The Borgata maintains that Ivey used the information gleaned from the backs of the cards in order to win a total of $9.6M over the course of four playing sessions from April to October of 2012.  They also sued the card manufacturer, Gemaco Inc.

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