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From Humble Beginnings to Building an Empire the story of Michele Ferrero
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27 May 2011

Born in 1925 Michele Ferrero grew up in Dogliani in Piedmont (Piemonte) a north western region of Italy. After the war his father Pietro Ferrero opened a laboratory with his brother Giovanni who was a master confectioner. It was in this laboratory that the two brothers first developed the now world famous Nutella paste mixture. From the very beginning the chocolate and hazelnut paste became a popular in Italy. Before the paste was on the market Italians considered chocolate to be a luxury only to be enjoyed on rare occasions, Nutella however could be eaten at any time.

Michele Ferrero took over the business in the mid-fifties when it had already become a massive industrial production factory which produced fine chocolates and the famous mixture. It had become so popular worldwide that it was outselling brands of peanut. Michele Ferrero increased the range of products by introducing Kinder Chocolates and the Tic-Tac mint and these two products were a hit all over the world during the following 20 years.

In the seventies the Tic-Tac was introduced to the United States and very quickly Ferrero opened up state of the art factories in the US. This product has remained one of the most popular selling breath freshener mints used around the world today.

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