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The Reform Club, London - luxurious & proud home of the British Whig Party
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03 February 2010

The Reform Club, London - luxurious & proud home of the British Whig Party One of the largest private members clubs in London is also one of its oldest and most popular. The polar opposite of the Carlton Club for Conservatives, the Reform Club has been the proud home of Whig Party and Liberal members for nearly 200 years.

Although it’s labeled a gentlemans club - because that’s how they all started out some centuries ago - the Reform Club has allowed women full membership since the 1980s. Whereas most of these private clubs have tapered off in popularity, the Reform Club has maintained a high membership and remains one of the higher-priced and more elitist clubs in the immediate area .

Edward Ellice, Whig whip and purveyor of Hudson’s Bay Company, a wealthy bank in England in the 1800s, founded the Reform Club in 1836. Ellice is credited with nearly single-handedly seeing the Reform Act of 1832 passed, due to his relentless lobbying efforts.

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Pierce Brosnan Mr Remington Steele as James Bond
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18 September 2008

Pierce Brosnan Mr Remington Steele as James BondActor, film producer and environmentalist Pierce Brendan Brosnan was born May 16, 1953 in Castletown, Co. Meath, Ireland. After leaving school at the age of 16, Brosnan began training in commercial illustration. Years later, Brosnan attended drama school in London for three years, and landing a leading role in the popular television series Remington Steele following his brief on-state career.

Brosnan is a very well-known actor, appearing in notable movies such as The Thomas Crown Affair, Dante’s Peak, Mars Attacks, Mrs. Doubtfire, and The Lawnmower Man, among many others. Though these are popular movies and undoubtedly cemented Brosnan’s role as a leading man in Hollywood, it wasn’t until Brosnan took over the role as super-agent James Bond that the world stood up and took notice.

Brosnan’s early years were spent in the modest area of Drogheda, Ireland, where he as raised as a Catholic. After Brosnan’s father abandoned the family, his mother moved to London to work as a nurse.

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