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The Story of Champagne - The World's Most Exclusive Alcoholic Drink
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03 June 2010

The Story of Champagne - The World's Most Exclusive Alcoholic DrinkChampagne is one of the most recognized alcoholic beverages around the world. It’s used to toast special occasions, in christenings and in championship celebrations. The drink takes its name from the region of France it’s produced in, Champagne, and is a sparkling wine that has been fermented in the bottle for carbonation after fermenting in barrels.

Champagne is located in the northeastern region of France. The name “Champagne” comes from the Latin word Campania – which is a part of Rome, Italy. Now famous for its namesake sparkling wine, Champagne, France was once renowned for the large fairs held throughout the region in the High Middle Ages (11th – 13th centuries).

The early wine of the Champagne region was pale and even pink in color, using the Pinot noir brand of grape exclusively. It was a carryover from the Roman influence on the land. They were the first to cultivate this region and plant grapes. In 987, Hugh Carpet was named the King of France and the area’s wine was often on display at formal banquets.

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