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World's Most Expensive Properties - Hala Ranch, Colorado
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17 July 2009

World's Most Expensive Properties - Hala Ranch, Colorado

Saudi oil heirs and businessmen have been buying up property in the United States for years. Although America is currently at war with parts of the Middle East, public figures like Prince Bandar bin Sultan are able to skip checking points in airport lines and fly directly into the U.S. with their private jets.

When bin Sultan is in the Americas, he likes to frequent his Aspen, Colorado ski mansion, Hala Ranch. Hala, which means “welcome,” was built in 1991 and is a staggering 56,000 square-feet. Sultan purchased the land while a U.S. ambassador and is currently trying to sell it due to his new title as National Security Councilor in Saudi Arabia.

Not only is this mansion one of the most extravagant in the world, but it's also set-up for Armageddon. Hala Ranch has its own wastewater treatment plant, its own massive supply of high-tech generators, gasoline pumps, mechanical shops, and even a carwash for good measure.

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