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Worlds Top Yachts - The Princess 25m
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29 October 2008

Worlds Top Yachts - The Princess 25m

Some people just can't get enough luxury. As if a regular yacht wasn't good enough, true opulence lovers opt for yachts which resemble wingless airplanes that gently stay afloat on the ocean's surface. And one of the more popular brands of ultra-yacht is the posh powerhouse, Princess Yachts International.

Don't let the name fool you at all, Princess Yachts are truly fit for a King. Founded in 1965 as Marine Projects Ltd, the company was purchased in 1981 by a South African businessman named Graham J. Beck. He eventually sold the company to a French businessman's investment group in 2008. Throughout the years, Princess' Motor Yachts have been turning heads throughout the seven seas.

One of the most popular models is the Princess 25m. This extravagant yacht flawlessly combines the best in style, with an overwhelming presence and heart-stopping performance. This powerhouse can easily reach high speeds for long-distance cruising.

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