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The Duquesne private members club
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06 September 2009

The Duquesne private members clubThe Duquesne private members club is located on 325 Sixth Avenue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It was founded in 1873 as a fraternity of extremely prominent early industrialists; however, the club has since evolved and is now home to various types of people from a wide range of industries.

Duquesne has members who are worldwide leaders in business, education, government, medicine, fine arts, finance, and many more major industries. The historical relevance of the club is not lost on any of today’s members. America, being an extremely young country, has various clubs that date back like Duquesne. Most of them remain ultra-exclusive, and all are filled with prideful members.

Duquesne members enjoy many benefits from the club. The personal service staff ensures that every single member will be catered to hand and foot. The inside of the club hasn’t changed much at all in well over 100 years. The furnishings, now considered classic or antique, are mostly original pieces from the club’s inception. The only real change has come by way of modern technology. Televisions and high-tech internet access terminals bring a touch of modern to this classic institution.

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