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When is it Best to Play on an Online Progressive Jackpot Game?
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16 June 2012

A progressive jackpot game has an accumulating prize pool that is usually spread over a vast network of online gambling portals. In the past few years, more and more progressive jackpot games have become available for players.

Each software provider has its own progressive jackpot network, with each company offering between 5 and 20 progressive jackpot games. It isn’t the software provider or the casino that contributes towards the jackpot, it’s the actual players. A small percentage of each stake spent on a progressive jackpot game is added to the total prize pool. This is why we hear of so many progressive jackpots that reach into the millions.

This is also why there are certain times when players are better off playing on a progressive jackpot game. A progressive jackpot will usually have a seed amount (a starting amount) which is often been added by the casino, but from then on, the prize will continue to climb as more players vie for that same jackpot. The advice for players is to wait until the prize has reached a decent amount, otherwise if you win, you may not be so impressed with the jackpot.

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