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Ka - Another Spectacular Show From Cirque Du Soleil in Vegas
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06 January 2010

Ka - Another Spectacular Show From Cirque Du Soleil in VegasCirque du Soleil has been putting on incredible shows in Las Vegas for decades. The wide-ranging troupe has a vast collection of shows, ranging from whimsically themed shows suitable for children to adults-only expositions, showcasing the classic Vegas-esque showgirls.

At the MGM Grand in the heart of Vegas, Cirque puts on a nightly display with their long-running variety show Ka. To newcomers and hardcore Cirque fans alike, Ka seems to stand alone as a greatly intense display of acrobatics, stage mechanics and even audience seating positions. It’s a sensory experience the likes of which only Cirque can bring.

Ka is an Asian-inspired production, deviating greatly from the original Cirque show-pony productions that made them famous. The stage is unique here; instead of having a solid stage for performers, two giant platforms and five smaller, moveable platforms give an appearance of floating.

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