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Worlds Most Expensive Properties - Bran Castle
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10 March 2009

Worlds Most Expensive Properties - Bran Castle

You've seen him in movies, read about him in books, and have probably even dressed as him on Halloween. Who is it? Why, it's Dracula - the blood-sucking, debonair demon. Instead of eating his cereal, you can now buy his house.

The real-life man who inspired the myth, Vlad “the Impaler” Tepes, is one of Romania's heroes. His castle, which was a museum in the 1980s, recently went up for sale on the market. Bran Castle is built on 20 acres on a mountaintop in Brasov. It's recently gained fame for being the subject of a Ghost Hunters (SciFi series) investigation. Don't worry; it's not haunted, but it is expensive.

In order to take a bite out of true Romanian history and own Bran Castle, you'd have to drop an astounding $140-million US. It's not one of these 19th century homes that claim to be castles. Vlad had Bran Castle constructed in the 14th century to fend off invading Turks.

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