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Nevada Attractions - Sandstone Canyon Overlook Horse Trail Loop
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19 July 2010

Nevada Attractions - Sandstone Canyon Overlook Horse Trail LoopThousands of hikers around the globe make the trek every year to Las Vegas, Nevada, of all places, to experience a hike around the Spring Mountains and through the various red rock formations in the Red Rock Canyon area. The Sandstone Canyon Overlook Horse Trail Loop is one of the more popular destinations for hikers and sightseers in the area.

The Spring Mountains in southern Nevada are huge and offer a never ending assortment of activity potential for visitors. From a small Clark County community called Mountain Springs, you can get to the Sandstone Canyon Overlook and experience a difficult hike that will test the limits of anyone who enjoys hiking as a hobby.

The overlook is located on the actual Mountain Spring trail pass, so you have to go up the mountain a bit before you even get to it. This is the type of destination you go to, knowing full well what you’re getting into. All visitors should be ready for a hike; and if you’re bringing horses, make sure you’re an efficient rider before attempting to climb the trail.

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