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Grand Canyon Helicopter and Ranch Adventure
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08 July 2011

The Grand Canyon is undoubtedly one of the most breath take natural sights in the world.  But it can be hard to really appreciate it in all its glorious wonder from the ground.  So why not view the canyon from above, and while you are there, you can satisfy your inner cowboy and enjoy the experience of a real cattle ranch.

Your journey will start from McCarran International Airport where you will board an exclusive jet helicopter.  All of the seats on the helicopter will offer you an unrivalled view and your pilot will provide you with a running commentary of the tour through your headphones.  Feel free to ask any questions about this memorising natural wonder, your pilot will be happy to assist where they can, as they take you over the Grand Canyon and then descend into it – some 1,500 feet below the rim!

The Grand Canyon itself is around 280 miles long and was carved out by the Colorado River some 17 million years ago.  Nearly 2 billion years of the earth's geological history have become exposed due to the formation of the canyon and this lead to the site becoming one of the first National Parks in the United States.

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