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At What Point do you start to Question an Online Casinos Random Number Generator?
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07 November 2011

Most of the Random Number Generators that exist today have been carefully scrutinised and are constantly tested by a number of independent auditors. Although the outcome of a game is determined by an RNG, mathematically speaking, the results are just as random online as they are at land based casinos that have physical roulette wheels and dice tables with actual dealers.

The worst thing that a player can experience is a faulty Random Number Generator (RNG) when playing their favourite game online. Many people say that the games online are fixed, or rigged in some way to favour the house, but this is not true. However, this could be said of a rogue operator who is purposely out to scam people. These minority online casinos are very few and far between, but they do operate. Some players do occasionally get caught out and lose money at these casinos. This could be down to the RNG’s that have been used and manipulated to give less than fair outcomes.

Remember that the house always wins so just because you may have had a few straight losses in a row, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the online casinos RNG should be put under the spot light or questioned in any way. This is just down to both bad luck AND realistic outcomes. If you were to have 10 straight wins in a row, would you question the RNG?

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