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World's Top Watchmakers - IWC
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01 July 2009

World's Top Watchmakers - IWCThere are only a few watchmakers in the world who have endured over one hundred years of fluctuating marketplaces and ever-changing public tastes and opinions. Although they’ve had their share of hot and cold runs, IWC has always been able to stand out as a creator of fine watches.

IWC, which stands for the International Watch Company, was founded in 1869 when Florentine Ariosto Jones, an engineer from America, decided to make the big move to the hub of watch-making, Switzerland. At first, the company only produced high-quality parts for watches and shipped them mostly overseas.

A few years after IWC proved to be a successful venture, Jones met a fellow watchmaker, Johann Heinrich Moser, and the duo began to produce a line of pocket watches.

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