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Classic Cars 1961 TVR Grantura MK2
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02 September 2010

The TVR line of automobiles was perhaps one of the most unique types of vehicle ever assembled. The line began officially in 1957 when Ray Saidel first displayed his TVR concept at the New York Auto Show that year. His initial design, along with some practical improvements, led to the Grantura line becoming a big player in the auto industry for decades.

One of the most appealing aspects of the TVR Grantura is that not a lot were produced. Although there were many different types of TVR made, only a few hundred would be released every year. The most sought after model today - though ironically not the rarest - is the 1961 TVR Grantura MKII, the first release of the second series of TVR.

There was a lot about the Grantura that made it stand out from its competition. This two-door coupe wasn’t exactly a sports car, wasn’t exactly a roadster, wasn’t a luxury automobile, and certainly wasn’t intended for family use. It was odd, unique and in demand with car enthusiasts.

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