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Top Restaurant Review - Noma, Denmark
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03 June 2009

Top Restaurant Review - Noma, Denmark

Denmark isn't regularly known for a wide array of cuisine that brings travelers in by the thousands. Although they do boast a few local dishes that intrigue tourists, there's usually nothing coming out of Denmark that turns heads. However, with bayside views and killer cuisine, Noma, located in Copenhagen, is the pride and joy of Denmark's restaurant scene.

Noma single handedly changes the perception that only Spain, France and the US have fine-dining establishments readily available. With head chef and owner Rene Redzepi turning out wonderful and awe-inspiring dishes, Noma walked away with Restaurant Magazine's honor of 10th best in the world in 2008.

Chef Rene Redzepi honed his talents in other Restaurant ranked establishments before creating Noma. El Bulli, the undisputed king of the restaurant world, once played home to Redzepi, where he worked alongside trendsetters and innovators and learned the finer points of worldly cuisine.

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