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Player Location Restrictions at Online Casinos
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15 June 2012

Occasionally, players are restricted from signing up to a gambling portal such as an online casino and this is quite often because of where the player is located.

Apart from being underage or perhaps you accidentally filled in the wrong information during the application process, the other main reason a casino could deny you the chance to sign up with them will be because of the country in which you reside. This is otherwise known as a player location restriction (or restricted territories).

Sometimes is it the country that will not allow you to sign up with the online casino, but other times it is the casino that will restrict you because of the country that you live in. You will find out whether or not you register can account with the online casino when you proceed to fill out the online application form because when you get to the part that requires you to enter your address, it simply won’t have your country of residence as an option.

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Can I Continue Playing in my Favourite Online Casino when I Travel Abroad?
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08 June 2012

Online gambling laws vary a great deal from one country to the next, so the best advice to give would be to perform some research yourself into whether you are allowed to legally gamble or not online in the country that you intend to visit.

For those of you who are just going away on a break for two weeks or so and if you feel as though this is too long to go without playing in your favourite online casino you’ll be pleased to know that you should be able to log in to your favourite online casino from most destinations and you will probably still be able to place a bet, especially if you are using a computer in for example your hotel’s internet café.

You may notice a few precautionary measures trying to stop you, but allowing pop-ups for example will let you continue playing online poker or online roulette in the online casino you are already registered with. Some countries are very strict on not permitting online gambling in any form, but most of the time these countries have very few authoritative organisations that actually clamp down on the owners/operators of gambling portals, or the individuals themselves who play at these sites.

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