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Tattersalls Horse Auction - The Birth of Bookmaking
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02 March 2010

Tattersalls Horse Auction - The Birth of BookmakingRichard Tattersall did far more than open up an auction house for horses in 1766; he also enabled the invention of bookmaking. All around the world, and on a variety of sports, people lay down their money every single day on sporting events ranging from football and cricket to dog and horse races. The art has been popular for millennia and shows no signs of slowing down.

At Hyde Park Corner on the outskirts of London, Richard Tattersall set up shop for various horse auctions. On the premises also were two subscription rooms, supposedly reserved to only members of the Jockey Club. However, these rooms would become famous for something else entirely, despite Tattersalls original intentions.

Around 1780, a different type of member started to frequent these subscription rooms. Instead of jockeys filling the ranks, Tattersalls was inundated with men wishing to bet on a variety of horse activities. The bets would cover everything from popular horse races of the day to even which lucky stallion would be studded out and for how much.

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