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The Kee Shanghai Private Members Club
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21 January 2009

The Kee Shanghai Private Members Club

In Hong Kong, the KEE Private Members club has always been amongst the top attractions for the rich and famous. The well-to-do clientele of this club have experienced some of the finest luxury and concierge service via this brand of luxury salon. The private member scenario was something admired by Shanghai for years, and finally, after a long wait, KEE has brought its elegant style to Shanghai's doors and given the city its own KEE Private Members club.

KEE Shanghai offers the same unique luxury of KEE Hong Kong, which has been so instrumental at drawing in huge business for the area. Some very famous people are members of the KEE club, including heads of state, film directors, and celebrities like Michael Jordan, Jude Law, Mick Jagger, Ron Wood, Sting, and many, many more. KEE's private club is sort of an Elk or Moose Lodge for the world's most popular.

KEE Shanghai is located behind an ultra-elegant grand stone entrance and iron gates at Haui Hai Road in Shanghai. KEE Shanghai resides in a beautiful heritage mansion, Twin Villas, from the 1920s, and shares the location with Richemont Shanghai headquarters.

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