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Black Canyon River Rafting Tour
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14 January 2011

The Black Canyon River is situated in the Lake Mead National Recreation area near Las Vegas, Nevada.  Created by the 500 mile stretching Colorado River the Black Canyon lies just beneath the Hoover Damn, it was used by early Native Indians as a life line to the irrigation of crops until the fickle river made the area uninhabitable some 800-850 years ago.  After much research in the 1920’s to find a suitable Damn location, Hoover Damn was finished in 1935 backing water up to create Lake Mead and one of the biggest water recreation areas’ of the Southwest.

The 2000 feet high cliffs from the waters’ edge make this a spectacular rafting area with some of the most breathtaking views of the whole Canyon.  A typical rafting tour of the Black Canyon will consist of; being picked up from your Las Vegas hotel and transported to the Hoover Damn recreational area where you will welcomed on board a purpose built raft.

The raft launch area is at the base of the Hoover Dam and gives you a spectacular view upward of this fete of concrete engineering.  Over 100 people lost their lives in the construction of the damn out of the 5000 people working day and night to complete the build over a 7 year period.  The damn now offers an incredible resource for the surrounding area.

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