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City Review of Winchester, Nevada
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08 August 2010

City Review of Winchester, NevadaWinchester, Nevada is one of the many standalone towns and cities around Las Vegas that have the misfortune of being categorized as simply “Vegas.” That’s not to say that Las Vegas is a bad place, but since postal addresses only recognize Vegas in Clark County, Nevada, some tourists may never find out about locations like Winchester.

The city of Winchester is small in comparison to the rest of the cities in Las Vegas’ metropolitan area. Winchester is located directly south of Vegas and contains much of Sin City’s Strip. As a result, there are hordes of restaurants, motels and other attractions in Winchester that should interest anyone planning on vacationing in the area.

One of the biggest positives of visiting Winchester if you’re also visiting Las Vegas is that you can stay in Winchester and beat some of the traffic on both the roads and in the hotels. Since a lot of vacationers are preoccupied with wanting to stay in luxury resorts, this leaves Winchester’s hotels and motels open and available most of the year.

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Top Vegas Shows - Scarlett And Her Seductive Ladies Of Magic
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11 November 2009

Top Vegas Shows - Scarlett And Her Seductive Ladies Of MagicThe world of magic is mostly dominated by men. Now, this isn’t a slight to the fairer species; it’s just how it happened out. When magicians became popular and accepted (as in, not burned at the stake), the world attitude of women was that their place was better suited in the home or as mere sexual objects.

Well, women have proven this to be a false premise, and the Las Vegas show Scarlett and Her Seductive Ladies of Magic proves that women can handle themselves in the decidedly male world of magic. However, the gratuitous nudity may suggest that being desired and thought of as a sex object couldn’t hurt things too badly.

After a successful run with a family friendly show at Planet Hollywood’s V Theater, Scarlett decided to take the step and incorporate nudity into her performance. The Riviera magic/nude entertainment show runs on a relatively simple premise. A single-named performer, Scarlett, performs run-of-the-mill magic tricks as her nude assistants - and some other nude women along the way - help out.

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