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Robert Kubica Begins Recovery in Intensive Care After Accident
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25 March 2011

Robert Kubica, a professional formula one driver, suffered a devastating accident in Italy just 3 weeks ago on 6th February. Many who saw the crash did not expect him to emerge, but after medics raced to the scene he was taken to hospital for emergency care.

An Armco barrier went through the floor of the Skoda that he was driving and almost completely took his hand off. He also suffered fractures in his arm, leg and hand. His surgeon confirmed that Kubica had undergone surgery to reattach his hand, and that he has begun rehabilitation by doing finger exercises to get his hand moving again.

All in all, he had to go through three separate operations to deal with his horrific injuries, but thankfully it seems he is well on the road to recovery now and has been released from intensive care. He is still in the Santa Corona Hospital in Petra Ligure, however things are starting to look up.

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