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The History Of Times Square, New York
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19 April 2010

The History Of Times Square, New YorkTimes Square is one of the most popular attractions in New York City and has kept people flocking to the large area for many years. Instead of the usual New York monument, Times Square is actually comprised of city blocks – it’s an intersection of the Manhattan borough, located at Broadway and Seventh and extended to Sixth and Eighth Avenue.

Although Times Square was always technically present in New York, it didn’t get its name until the early 1900s. John Morin Scott owned the area around the time of the American Revolution, and John Jacob Astor owned the property later on.

In 1904, after the New York Times moved to a skyscraper on the property, the paper’s publisher, Adolph S. Ochs, consulted the city’s mayor about constructing a subway station near the headquarters. This gave rise to a building boom and the area was named Times Square and promptly began the now-traditional electric advertising.

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