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World's Most Luxury Yachts - Canica by Baltic Yachts
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21 August 2010

World's Most Luxury Yachts - Canica by Baltic YachtsEven though much of the world is high-octane, old-world style still has its own special niche. This is very true in the yacht market, where sailing yachts always manage to stand out as some of the most impressive vessels on the water. Currently for sale is the Canica yacht – a 141-foot luxury sailing yacht built by Baltic Yachts in 2003.

Canica is a very stylish ship, boasting a sleek exterior crafted by R&J Design. Judel-Vrolijk drew up the architectural plans and John Munford meticulously designed the vessel’s interior to be both stylish and spacious, with multiple cabins and many other modern features packed into a quasi-traditional frame.

The goal of Baltic Yachts at the time was to craft a top-of-the-line sailing yacht for the owner with both performance and practicality in mind. Even though the yacht would have a huge mast and other sailing features to operate, the builders didn’t want to forfeit technology with Canica. They integrated the two styles seamlessly.

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