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Top Restaurant Review - Gambero Rosso
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14 March 2009

Top Restaurant Review - Gambero Rosso

Most of the food we eat today is based on Italian food in one way or another. Believe it or not, even French cuisine, Spanish, and that of the Japanese can find some strong roots in the techniques and ingredients of Ancient Rome. Modern Italian cuisine is a fusion of different parts of the old world.

China brought in the noodles, India brought the garlic, and time fused it all together and “Italian” then spread throughout the world. Today, Italian cuisine isn't the most popular worldwide, but restaurants like Gambero Rosso in Italy are quickly working to change that.

Unless you've eaten at Gambero Rosso, it's hard to describe the elegance of the restaurant and the surrounding area. As most can imagine - and as the lucky know - Italy's beauty is second-to-none. San Vincenzo, in the province of Livorno (Tuscany), plays host to Gambero Rosso.

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