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How Will Schumacher Fare in the 2011 Grand Prix?
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31 March 2011

Sky Sports reported today that Michael Schumacher has admitted to the fact that he is no longer the driver he was when he was young, but that he has insisted that he is still good enough for Formula One.

Schumacher, who is now 42, has been a world champion no less than seven times and it would appear from his recent statements that he is still very determined to go after the top spot in the races that he participates in.

He has spent much of the past 3 years as a test driver for Ferrari after retiring, but has now returned to the racing seat for Mercedes for the Australia 2011 Grand Prix. Schumacher did race for Mercedes last year too but failed to win a race. His last win was in 2006 when he raced in 18 Formula One races and won 7 of them. He was driving for Ferrari that year, whom he had been with since 1997.

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