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World's Most Luxurious Hotels - Oriental Hotel Bangkok
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13 March 2010

World's Most Luxurious Hotels - Oriental Hotel BangkokLocated on the Chao Phrya River in Bangkok, Thailand, the Oriental Hotel has been one of the country’s most impressive - and equally illusive - draws for many decades. While it stands alone as one of the most breathtaking and bold hotels in the country, it’s also one of the most exclusive, with high-end clientele making up the lion’s share of its guests.  

However, the Oriental Hotel is constantly renovating and adding and improving space. So this leaves some of the hotel’s rooms bordering on the affordable side, making it possible for average vacationers to stay in style and luxury. There are 358 rooms in total at the Oriental, with 35 ultra exclusive suites, including the famed Authors’ Suites.  

The spellbinding views of the River of Kings and the towering architecture of Bangkok is enough in itself to lure guests into the Oriental Hotel. However, the hotel’s reputation was built on more than surrounding scenery. It was built on elegance and decadence, and the many rooms, restaurants and spa suites keep it atop everyone’s list of the best hotels.  


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