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Charlie Sheen Pulls Atlantic City Violent Torpedo of Truth Tour
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22 June 2011

Charlie Sheen it would appear can either give a performance that will thrill and entertain an audience or if you are one of the unlucky people who saw his show in Atlantic City, he can give a performance that will leave you feeling so bored you just have to leave the theatre.

The reviews after the show were dire. The words ‘boring’ and ‘monotonous’ were on just about every reviewers lips and Sheen proved once again that sometimes he just does not have either anything of interest to say or share with an audience who thought that they were coming to get entertained by this world famous now maybe ex actor.

The critiques were brutal and to some extent Sheen did deserve this rather vitriolic reaction from them. He had after all disappointed a lot of people who had paid quite a hefty price for a ticket to be entertained by him. But there were signs on the wall that not everyone rates Sheen in this new role of entertainer that he is sometimes good at but then very often not, as there were plenty of empty seats right from the start of his performance and there were a lot more after the interval with many of the audience not even bothering to return to get bored a second time round in the same evening.

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