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Singapore Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom Paradise on Earth
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30 June 2011

Singapore boasts 50 islets all around its main island and has thousands of attractions and places to visit when travelling to this delightful part of the world. One of these is the Singapore Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom. This truly extraordinary tourist attraction is set in a lush tropical rainforest environment which will take your breath away.

The park has been designed to give the impression that it is deep in a tropical jungle, but this is just an impression because it is safe to visit. You will discover the beauty of nature at its very best in this incredible park. There hundreds of butterflies that will bewilder and bewitch you as they flutter continuously around in this perfect setting. The exotic insects will fascinate you with their shapes and colours as they scuttle along the ground and rush past you through the air.

The sheer electric atmosphere of the park will thrill you with the sounds and scents of the tropical rainforest and children will be enthralled at the many things that they can do and see during a tour of the park.

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