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Worlds Top Yachts - The Anson Bell
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22 August 2008

Worlds Top Yachts - The Anson Bell

The HMS Anson was a French navy warship which served the British Royal Navy in the 18th and 19th centuries. When the ship wasn't in battle, it occasionally attended to the British royal family. During a storm in 1807, the Anson wrecked off of the coast of Cornwall, England, and the ship was virtually destroyed. After the loss of the Anson, many changes were made when rebuilding the ship, all placing high emphasis on safety and rescue techniques. Now, 200 years later, the same emphasis was placed on building a ship, only this time it is for pleasure.

Palmer Johnson, an experienced ship builder with a collection of maritime artifacts, including the actual bell from the original Anson, decided to construct his new Anson Bell on American soil. He set out to construct the safest motor yacht ever built, and the 156-foot Palmer Johnson Anson Bell was born.

The yacht not only meets the requirements of the highest level of Lloyd's Register classification, but it exceeds requirements for damage stability and fire resistance. Anson Bell is able to withstand flooding of any two compartments onboard, which adds superior stability to the ship. The Anson Bell has six bulkheads, creating eight separate compartments.

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