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Things that you can Legally do at 18 that you may not have Considered
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27 January 2014

Turning the big 1-8 isn’t all about drinking and clubbing. In fact, there are so many things you can legally do in the UK when you turn 18 that you may have forgotten – or you may not even know – about some of them!

That’s why we’re here to help. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most unique and exciting things you can do at 18, without vodka and coke or a tattoo in sight.

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Las Vegas Tandem Skydiving experience A Thrilling Experience
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31 December 2010

The tandem SkyDive in Las Vegas is an adventurous getaway for those with a penchant for thrills. The diving site is located in Nevada at a height of about 15000 feet. The experience has been aptly termed as the ’Ultimate Las Vegas Adventure.

One starts off on the adventure trip with a short ride from the Strip in Vegas to the Boulder City and is subsequently trained on diving and landing positions. Once the training gets done, the person is ready to be appropriately dressed in safety gear and is all set to go!

The event can best be defined as an exhilarating experience that makes a person wonder the reason for not undertaking that trip to Vegas for the SkyDive earlier. The support staff at the SkyDive Las Vegas makes a person feel safe and one can relax with the knowledge and also the fact that one is constantly under professional and experienced guidance.

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