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Who are the Slot Machine Experts?
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21 September 2009

There are some true slot machine experts walking the streets these days with more knowledge about the game than any player could hope for. Some people spend their lives studying and working on gambling games to come up with new ideas and figure out tricks on how to win. Other than the true Casino Man right here the guys we’ve mentioned below are also quite knowledgeable.

Charles Fey was the first inventor of the slots and built the first ever real slot machine in 1895 after finding a love of mechanics. The Liberty Bell was cased in cast iron and had a classic Liberty Bell on the front of the machine as well as a bell inside that rang when a winner hit the jackpot. Charles Fey invented the works of the classic slot machine that we refer to these days and after finding his way with the machines, dedicated his life to building them.

Michael Shackleford is a professor in the University of Nevada for Casino Math and teaches students how to analyse casinos as he has been studying for years. He has made his career from studying casino games and as a recognised expert of gambling strategy. Michael Bluejay also works with Shackleford to help with the website but also has his own hints and tips for playing online slot machines.

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