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Absinthe, the show of intoxicating circus and burlesque
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14 May 2011

Caesars Palace is the venue of one of the most extraordinary shows to hit Las Vegas and the show is the amazing Absinthe. This incredible mixture of circus and burlesque is the brain storm of Spiegleworld and BASE International who have come up with a show that offers audiences the old world burlesque, carnival and pure decadence in a performance that will leave them speechless.

The Roman Plaza at the front of Caesars Palace has been transformed into a playground filled with extraordinarily entrancing entertainment. This unique show comes alive as the sun goes down and provides a pure fantasy world for all those who enter into it. There is so much to get involved with as the spectators wonder through a maze of 20th century European décor that captivates the imagination in so many different ways and leads them to the centre piece of the show.

The main attraction takes place in a central wooden tent that is generously decorated with flamboyant mirrors, colorful stained glass windows and opulent velvet drapes. This European feel of decadence is just the beginning of some of the most outlandish acts that unfold in the round theatre. This adult show is a surreal experience for all who take part in the excesses that the cast perform just a few feet away from them in breathtaking acts that will enthrall them.

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