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Corruption within the sports betting world
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21 November 2012

Sadly, corruption within the sports betting world is rife and it appears as though almost every sports has had its own scandal. At the time of writing, the cyclist Lance Armstrong is probably one of the characters that comes to most people’s minds when thinking about corruption within sports.

You might even remember back to the famous Pakistan cricket spot-fixing scandal, which involved several members of Pakistan’s national cricket team. Those involved were caught and convicted of accepting bribes from bookmakers in 2010.

Some of the world’s most popular sports, including Football, Cricket, Cycling, Snooker, Horse Racing, Athletics, Tennis and Boxing have at some point been in the spotlight for some kind of match fixing claims. Baseball was also rife with corruption at one point, plus there is an endless list of other sports that have had their fair share of scandals. It makes you wonder how, at such a top level, this is possible?

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