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New Mr Green Sports Betting Product Available Now
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19 June 2016

New Mr Green Sports Betting Product Available Now A brand new sports betting product is available right now at Mr Green. If you already have an account at Mr Green Casino you can use those same login details to access to the new Mr Green Sportsbook. If you look towards the top of the page you will see some of the major sporting events that you can place a bet on, or you can use the new Mr Green’s sports locator to find a specific team, league or event.

At the time of writing, some of the major sporting events that you can place a bet on include Euro 2016, Horse Racing, Copa America, Natwest T20 Blast, ATP, WTA, Premier League, NBA and MLB. You can also now place in-play bets while the action is taking place thanks to the new Live Betting product.

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Online Casinos and Sports Betting Sites - How Much Can You Really Make?
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18 December 2013

Make no mistake, online gambling is now more accessible than ever, and with mobile phones constantly connected to the internet, you can now place a bet wherever you are. Though how much money can you really make when it comes to online casinos and sports betting sites? For many, it sounds just like a scam, though there are a few big winners who'd like to tell you otherwise.

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What Kind of Online Gambler are you?
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03 July 2013

Poker Player
Your straight faced saloon-slinger goes straight to the poker room to look for their last card on the river. People with a bad poker face can still manage with online rooms and it’s so easy to find a new room if you don’t like who you’re playing with.

Lottery Player
You fell out with your work syndicate and can’t be bothered to stop off and get a ticket on the way home so you found the easiest way was online. The thing to be cautious of here is that, when you can’t see the money you spend, it’s easier to get rid of it. The temptation is there to buy five tickets instead of one, and that might not be the best option for your pocket… unless you win, of course.

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Gambling: The Most Profiting Online Business
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20 March 2013

On the 18th day of the month of August in the year 1995, Internet Casinos Inc. became the first internet casino, offering 18 games. Today the online gambling industry boasts of 1400 odd websites and a turnover of 3 billion dollars per year. It is even more interesting to note that no other online business yields such high revenue than online gambling. Of the entire fraternity of online gamblers, 30% are based in Asia.

The Procedure of Online gambling and Sports Betting

Placing an online bet is a matter of just a few minutes. If one has a credit card to his name, he can get registered with an online gambling website and open an account for himself. Through this account, he can place bets of major sport events like cricket, Wimbledon, Formula One, horse racing etc. One can also opt for virtual casino games like poker, roulette, poker, blackjack etc. A bet can range from a few nickels to several thousands of dollars.

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Online Gambling Offers and Deals on Sports Betting Sites
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28 November 2012

Online sports betting sites are a great way to increase your interest in any number of games and matches without having to leave the house. Supporting a team or a player is great, but online betting gives you reason to follow and be passionate about, other games and encounters too.

Betting on the outcome of sports matches is one of the oldest forms of gambling and in recent years it has advanced at a great rate, with the growth of sports betting websites and online gambling services. This has made it accessible to a much wider audience and all from the comfort of your own home.

In addition, it has seen the development and growth of entirely new forms of betting, such as in-play bets, which can be placed during a game or match via the Internet and, increasingly, on smart phones. This has made the world of sports betting far more dynamic and it has opened the way for deals to try and entice customers to choose one betting site over all the others.

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Corruption within the sports betting world
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21 November 2012

Sadly, corruption within the sports betting world is rife and it appears as though almost every sports has had its own scandal. At the time of writing, the cyclist Lance Armstrong is probably one of the characters that comes to most people’s minds when thinking about corruption within sports.

You might even remember back to the famous Pakistan cricket spot-fixing scandal, which involved several members of Pakistan’s national cricket team. Those involved were caught and convicted of accepting bribes from bookmakers in 2010.

Some of the world’s most popular sports, including Football, Cricket, Cycling, Snooker, Horse Racing, Athletics, Tennis and Boxing have at some point been in the spotlight for some kind of match fixing claims. Baseball was also rife with corruption at one point, plus there is an endless list of other sports that have had their fair share of scandals. It makes you wonder how, at such a top level, this is possible?

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A laymans explanation of the Wire Act of 1961 and how it is affecting online gambling today
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23 January 2012

The Wire Act of 1961 is basically a Federal Law that was implemented to prevent organisations and persons in the United States from taking part in any form of gambling which involves wire communications.

This meant that people couldn’t accept or place real money bets or wagers for any sporting events or other similar betting contests through transmissions by wire communications and if people were caught doing this, they could be prosecuted and could face a fine with a maximum of two years behind bars.

Fast forward almost 40 years to the mid/late 90’s, to the age of the internet and all of a sudden there was a boom in websites which started taking online wagers at venues such as online casinos, sports betting sites, bingo sites and poker sites.

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