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The Contenders of the 2011 Cricket World Cup
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18 February 2011

The largest world cricket championship is just around the corner. The contenders for this year are all very strong so it would seem it will be a good fight between them all. The Cricket World Cup 2011 is due to be the biggest sporting event of 2011, and it is anticipated that there will be approximately one billion spectators worldwide, the majority of which will be supporting India who are co-hosting this year’s event.  But who can win the title?

are the clear leaders of international cricket. Their achievements are phenomenal. In the last 15 years  they have worked their way to the finals eveyr single year without fail and only ever been beat once in the finals. However this year, Australia look weaker than usual with some of the good players lost. They do on the other hand still have plenty of good players left on the team. This will be Ponting’s last world cup so he’s sure to put on a good show.

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