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World's Most Exclusive Resorts - Mentawai Wavepark, Indonesia
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12 January 2010

World's Most Exclusive Resorts - Mentawai Wavepark, IndonesiaMany island resorts are able to bring in an abundance of travelers by using their location alone. When people think about vacations, the sand, sun and water are usually the top three on nearly anyone’s list, so it’s no trouble at all getting people to frequent a resort.

However, the Wavepark Mentawai Surf Resort throws in an added bonus for people who love to catch some waves. Wavepark is, basically, a nature-made theme park, featuring some of the best swells in Indonesia. The resort offers luxurious accommodations, hand-and-foot waiting and some of the best waves in the world.

The staff at Wavepark tout themselves as experts on the Indonesian water and weather. When it comes to the surfing, there are different areas of the water and different times of the day and season that bring in a different type of tide.

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World's Most Exclusive Hotels - Kahala Mandarin, Honolulu
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26 November 2009

World's Most Exclusive Hotels - Kahala Mandarin, HonoluluThe Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group has set up shop in some of the world’s finest locations. Their name is now synonymous with luxury, and nearly every one of their lavish resorts earns high acclaim and is visited by millions of tourists every year.

Mandarin Oriental Hotels can be found in Bangkok, London, Hong Kong, New York, Boston, Miami, and even in Hawaii - via the group’s Kahala, Honolulu location.

Kahala makes a wonderful setting for the type of luxury resort Mandarin brings. This small stretch of beachfront island is among the most popular of the Hawaiian chain, and the small neighborhood that plays host to the hotel is also host to lavish homes averaging $3 million a piece.

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