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Exclusive Hotels Of The World - The Ritz, London
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10 November 2009

Exclusive Hotels Of The World - The Ritz, LondonLondon, England is home to many of the world’s finest attractions, including, among other things, historical museums, grand concert halls, astonishing clocks that have stood the test of time, and lavish hotels that provide guests with both a reason to travel to London and a place to stay in comfort when they arrive.

The Ritz in London meets and exceeds the needs of both inquisitive first-time travelers and regulars alike, and for over 100 years, it has been one of the finest hotels in not only England, but the entire world.

Ritz Hotels are known around the globe for their amenities and luxurious settings, and this was the goal of the famous hotelier Cesar Ritz when he first opened his London location in 1906. It was built to resemble a Parisian-style block of flats at the height of the Belle Epoque, and architects Charles Mewes and Arthur Davis gave London its first large steel-frame-constructed building.

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