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Top Las Vegas Shows - Hypnosis Unleashed at The Tropicana
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30 April 2010

Top Las Vegas Shows - Hypnosis Unleashed at The TropicanaPeople go to Las Vegas to see a show for a host of different reasons. Maybe they enjoy the nude reviews and various dancers. Perhaps they like to have a few drinks and a few laughs at a good comedy show.

Or, as evidenced by the plethora of hypnosis shows available, they like being amazed by the power of suggestion. If hypnosis is your thing, and you like to wash it down with a splash of uninhibited behavior, then Hypnosis Unleashed will definitely be right up your alley.

Currently, Hypnosis Unleashed is playing at The Cellar at the Tropicana on Las Vegas Boulevard. Ticket prices are around 50 to 70 dollars, and the show starts at 9pm sharp.

Hypnosis Unleashed isn’t your garden variety hypnosis show by any stretch of the imagination. With most shows, you’re urged to conduct yourself as you would on a golf course. You’re supposed to be quiet, pay attention and let the hypnotist work his or her craft. With this show, however, rowdy behavior is actually encouraged.

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