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The Las Vegas Mob Experience at the Tropicana
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04 May 2011

For a superb lesson in the history of the Mob then the Las Vegas Mob Experience at the Tropicana is one of the best experiences that a visitor will ever have the chance of getting involved in. This interactive experience takes the visitor from the days of Prohibition to Las Vegas and demonstrates the dramatic downfall of the Mafia in a way that will leave them speechless.

Using the most up to date technology that makes each visitors experience unique you can choose which celebrity guide will escort you through the exhibition so whether you would like Mickey Rourke or Tony Sirico as a guide it is up to you to decide making the whole process really personal.

Your guide will take you through a maze of alley ways that lead to a door that leads you into a Speakeasy and then a warehouse that has a hidden exit. You get to play a role through the entire tour and can choose to answer questions and make decisions on whether to join a gang or ‘rat’ on the wise guys who approach you by pointing them out to a cop down the street.

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Legends of Cinema - Diane Keaton
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20 April 2010

Legends of Cinema - Diane KeatonAward-winning actress, producer and director Diane Keaton was born January 5, 1946 in Los Angeles California. Keaton wasn’t the typical Hollywood type in her younger years, and her acting talents were in question for some time. However, after a storied career packed with blockbuster movies, Diane is now considered one of the industry’s premier actresses.

Keaton was born Diane Hall in California and is the oldest of four children. She was raised in an affluent community by parents with flourishing careers. Diane’s story isn’t the rags-to-riches saga that most fawn over, but her grit and determination is something to be admired for aspiring actors and actresses of the world.

Keaton wasn’t sure what she wanted to do with her life. It wasn’t until Diane witnessed her mother win the Mrs. Los Angeles pageant that she decided on a life of fame. Diane attended Santa Ana High School and participated actively in the school’s acting clubs. She also went to Santa Ana and Orange Coast College, where she studied acting.

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