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World's Most Exclusive Resorts - Commune by the Great Wall
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04 June 2010

World's Most Exclusive Resorts - Commune by the Great WallThe Great Wall of China is one of the world’s wonders, and as such, it brings in massive amounts of tourism every year. This wall was built to keep the Ancient Chinese Empire safe from outside invaders. It was originally constructed around the 5th century BC and has been rebuilt and maintained regularly.

In 2002, the Chinese decided that their Great Wall could be even more lucrative if they decided to build a luxurious resort beside it. Commune by the Great Wall was a massive undertaking by China, and 12 of the best architects in Asia lent their expertise to seeing this project to fruition. Commune consists of a collection of private villas in Beijing, China.

Badaling has always been one of the focal points of the Great Wall, so when it was time to build a luxury resort, this section of the wall was the perfect spot. The plan in building these private villas was to inspire tourism, obviously, and also to inspire other Asian architects to eventually lend their creative vision to the project and expand the resort.

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