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A review of the Ultimate Las Vegas Nightclub Hopping Package
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18 December 2010

The Las Vegas nightclub hopping package is a concise, very handy tool when one is at his own and is visiting for the first time, with little knowledge of the city's most active night clubs. One can easily book a package on landing at the airport from the booth located right near the baggage collection counter at the check out lounge.

The package is superb value for money as it provides an individual with a number of passes and if one needs to use them all over a weekend, one would need to visit at least 5-6 night clubs every night.

Some clubs also state the specific dates that they are open on, so one can plan in advance on the days that they can be visited. For these, one should not forget to check the terms of his or her Las Vegas nightclub hopping package. The most notable clubs in the package are Lavo, Tryst, Pure, Tao, Ghostbar and Voodoo Lounge.

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