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Private Islands for sale: Narara Island, Fiji
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30 August 2010

Private Islands for sale: Narara Island, FijiFiji is one of the world’s finest destinations in terms of island resorts. Off the coast of one of the chain’s larger islands, Naviti, you can find the small private island of Narara – a one-of-a-kind forested island surrounded by white-sand beaches and perfect for a resort. Narara Island is part of the Yasawa Group of islands, and there are six islands and inlets throughout the area.

This group of islands is highly sought after. The biggest problem here for private islands is that the entire world is still suffering through recession. Short of that, Narara Island is one of the most popular and talked about private islands in the world today, due to its prime location and potential for building.

Fiji doesn’t look like a large location on a globe or world map, but with its Pacific location, the country is spread out over a few different areas with varying weather patterns. Narara Island is located in a drier part of the area, with only a few days of bad weather per year. This means that the majority of the time on the island will grant sunny skies and cool ocean breezes.

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Worlds Top Resorts - Turtle Island Fiji
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12 September 2008

Worlds Top Resorts - Turtle Island FijiThe 500-acre Turtle Island is a private island resort which is part of the Yasawa group in the Republic of Fiji. This island is the perfect getaway for honeymooners, families, and anyone else who wants a great, secluded vacation in paradise. If you’ve ever wanted to experience a private island resort, Turtle Island is the perfect luxury beach vacation.

Fiji sits in the South Pacific Ocean east of Vanuatu, and provides some of the greatest scenery on earth. The water blends in with the sky in perfect blue harmony. Even some of the local fish share the same breathtaking color, making Fiji one of most popular diving/snorkeling destinations in the Pacific, and Turtle Island is Fiji’s pride and joy.

Vacationers can be as relaxed or as active as they wish on Turtle Island. If you prefer the latter approach, then the area’s open for scuba diving, horseback riding, deep-sea fishing, hiking, kayaking, and you can even grab a nice, quiet picnic on the beach. And, of course, you can lounge out on a hammock and enjoy the beautiful breeze blowing over you.

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