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European Football Championships - Euro2008 kickoffs
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12 June 2008

European Football Championships - Euro2008 kickoffs

Every four years, the football teams of the European nations square off in a championship series known as the European Soccer Championship. The 2008 version is the 13th playing of the tournament. The first games in the tournament this year were played on June 7 and will be completed in Vienna on June 29, according to schedule.

The sixteen teams competing this year include fourteen who won their places during preliminary matches begun in 2006 while the joint host teams from Austria and Switzerland gain an automatic place in the tournament. The teams are separated into four groups for the preliminary games so that the top ranked teams are not expected to face each other until the final stages of the games.

Group A consists of Portugal, Czech Republic, Switzerland and Turkey. The June 7 games placed the Czech Republic over Switzerland by 1 goal and Portugal over Turkey by 2 goals. On June 11, Czech Republic will play Portugal and Switzerland will play Turkey. On June 15, Switzerland will play Portugal and Turkey will play the Czech Republic.

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