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Ultimate Gifts LeRoy Neiman Painting Casey at the Bat
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13 September 2010

True art will always be subjective, no matter how you personally view it. What you find to be moving and worthwhile will be someone else’s source of confusion. That’s why it’s so hard to buy an “artsy” gift for someone. You never know what they’ll enjoy and what they won’t. However, if you know an art lover due for a gift, you can’t go wrong with LeRoy Neiman.

You may think you’ve never heard of Neiman, but dollars to donuts you’ve seen one or more of his paintings in your lifetime. LeRoy Neiman has been working in the US for years, painting many portraits of famous athletes. He’s also been known to create portraits of animals on safari and other situations he encounters in life.

For the true ultimate gift, Neiman’s serigraph of Casey at the Bat - a baseball poem that is considered the quintessential tale of the diamond - is nothing less than a true masterpiece. LeRoy captured the true essence of “Casey” and his hard-luck story in a series of paintings. Neiman portrays Casey at the Bat as a complete story told through photographs, or as single works.

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